Consumer protection

Consumer protection and food contact

Compliance with the legal basics of consumer protection is of fundamental significance for the producer of food packaging and films from plastic; indeed it ensures the business activities of the company.

More than 80% of all IK member companies produce plastic packaging that comes into contact with food. In Germany, food packaging for private consumption is made up of about 60% of plastic packaging. And food packaging makes up the largest portion of German exports of plastic packaging.

Issues regarding consumer protection are therefore also a central subject for the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.. In reference to this, the IK deals with:

  • Information on content, purpose and practical consequences of changing laws.
  • Training of responsible staff in the companies with simultaneous opinion and experience exchange as to the practical realisation of legal guidelines.
  • Influencing the outlines of European and national draft legislation in the sense of practical and measurable regulations to maintain a high level of consumer protection.
  • Representing the interests in the process chain for the clarification of interface problems and the partial responsibilities of the chain members, since only in this manner can the objective of consumer protection set by the legislator be ensured.

Furthermore, topics such as “child-safe packaging” and easy opening or reclosing of packaging play an important role for the IK.